H. P. Lovecraft &
the Great Altar Stones of New England

(Sanders Grove Monograph #1 (2016)

Examining the great table slabs to see if any could have been inspiration in the creation of "The Dunwich Horror."

H.P. Lovecraft in the Merrimack Valley

Hippocampus Press, 2013

A study of the visits to the region by Lovecraft, and the region's influence on the author and his work.

"Cassie Symmes - Inadvertent Lovecraftian"

Lovecraft Annual #9, (2015)

Frank Belknap Long's maternal aunt, Cassie M. (Doty) Symmes is best recalled as writing a travelogue with a foreword by Long that was actually ghost-written by  Lovecraft. But her life is a fascinating look life outside the Circle.

"Halsey and the Padré:
A 14-year-old’s perspective on H.S. Whitehead"

Weird Fiction Review #4, January 2014

A 1927 book chronicles a teen's adventures in the USVI and offers a rare view of Whitehead beyond the fantasist.
“August Derleth in Amateur Journalism”
 August Derleth Society Newsletter. (vol. 37, no. 2, 2016)
The Fossil (vol. 112, no. 3, July 2016)

[review of Cthulhu Lies Dreaming]
Dark Discoveries
no.35 (Summer 2016).

“Lovecraft and the Whittiers”
The Fossil, July 2015

“H. P. Lovecraft and the Sacrificial Stones of New England.”
Lovecraftian Proceeding No.1: Papers from NecronomiCon Providence, 2013. [Abstract] 2015

[review of Letters to Robert Bloch and Others]
Dark Discoveries
no.33 (Autumn 2015).

[review of The Starry Wisdom Library]
Dark Discoveries
no.30 (Winter 2015).

[review of Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos]
Dark Discoveries
no.30 (Winter 2015).

"A Visit to Haverhill w Tryout Smith"
The Fossil, July 2014

"Amateur Journalism’s Haverhill Run"
Wavelengths - the Newsletter of "the Wave," WHAV, January 2014



"The Doom that Came to Al Capone"  (short story as David Bernard)
Pulp Adventures #28 (Spring 2018)
Chicago gangsters feel the aftermath of "The Dunwich Horror"

"Rites of Passage" (short story as David Bernard)
Strangely Funny V (Mystery and Horror LLC, 2018)

“The Frieze of Harley Ainsworth.”
The Chromatic Court  (18th Wall Productions. 2018)

“Little Maiden of the Sea”  (short story as David Bernard)
Twice Upon an Apocalypse (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2017)
Hans Christian Andersen meets Lovecraft in a Little Mermaid /Dunwich/Innsmouth mash up.

 "The Crypt in Key West" (short story as David Bernard)
Legacy of the Reanimator (
Chaosium Inc., 2015)
Daniel Cain heads to Key West, where he meets Count von Cosel, who makes Herbert West look well-adjusted.

"The Doom that Came to Al Capone"  (short story as David Bernard)
Mortis Operandi (Harrow Press, 2012)
Chicago gangsters feel the aftermath of "The Dunwich Horror"