Mystery Hill (2006)
Dave and Bob Stone examine the monolith marking the Summer Solstice Sunrise. The tip of the stone has been shaped by percussive flaking to match horizon features.

Meeting of the Minds (2004)
Author and Dighton Rock's most ardent supporter Dr. da Silva introduces Dave, Elizabeth "Keeper of the Westford Knight" Lane and author Scott Goudsward to the Dighton Rock.

First Book Signing (2004)
Mystery Hill's Bob Stone and Dave in a Salem, NH bookstore atr the first book signing of America's Stonehenge - The Mystery Hill Story.

Mystery Hill (2006)
Dave examines the Sacrificial Table at Mystery Hill in preparation of the first chapter of Ancient Stones Sites, dealing with Lye Stones, Cider Presses and why this is neither.

Danville Beehive (2004)
The town of Danville NH has atypically embraced and protected the ancient stone site in their community. It is located in town-owned woods off Route 111A



The website of author David Goudsward

Ancient Stone Sites
of New England

Not New England. Not Mexico either. 
Calendar replica on temporary display in Orlando.

Coming this summer:

America's Stonehenge: The Mystery Hill Story

revised and expanded 2nd edition.

H. P. Lovecraft
in the Merrimack Valley

(Hippocampus Press, 2013)

Includes an appendix discussing the possibility of Lovecraft visiting the site prior to writing "The Dunwich Horror."

The Westford Knight and Henry Sinclair

The Westford Knight is a controversial stone feature in Massachusetts. Some believe it is an effigy of a 14th century knight, evidence carved into stone of an early European visit to the New World by Henry Sinclair, the Earl of Orkney and Lord of Roslin. In 1954, an archaeologist encountered the mysterious stone carving, long known to locals and ascribed a variety of origin stories, and proposed it to be a remnant of the Sinclair expedition.


Publisher: McFarland & Company (2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0786446490

"For those interested in New England history, voyages of discovery, or for those interested in an engaging example of source-based historical scholarship, David Goudsward's book is well worth the time."
Nicole Bucchino, C
anadian Nautical Research Society
The Northern Mariner / Le Marin du Nord, v.XXI, n.1, Jan 2011

"I highly recommend this to any reader interested in exploring the possibility of European visitation of North America prior to Columbus." 
David Brody, author of Cabal of The Westford Knight: Templars at the Newport Tower 


Ancient Stone Sites of New England
and the Debate Over Early European Exploration

In New England today, there are megalithic stones, chambers,  a and petroglyphs that defy easy explanation. From Maine to Massachusetts, this work presents an examination of various unexplained historical remains in New England. From the most notorious to the lesser known, it explores not only the layout and dimensions of such sitesósome reminiscent of Stonehenge with their huge stones, astronomical alignments and undiscovered purposesóbut also the history and possible explanations for their existence.

 Publisher: McFarland & Company (2006)
ISBN-13: 9780786424627

"Goudsward remains admirably (almost frustratingly) objective..."
ALA College & Research Library News

"Highly Recommended"

New England Antiquities Research Association

"The contents are invaluable to an anomalist."

Journal of Scientific Exploration

America's Stonehenge
The Mystery Hill Story

America's Stonehenge sits atop Mystery Hill in North Salem, New Hampshire. It is an acre of stone structures surrounded by a 12-acre calendar. Alignments and carbon dating indicate the site was built 4000 years ago. In this book the authors explore the historical and prehistoric clues left behind at the archaeology site once described as a 'mystery wrapped in an enigma'.

Publisher: Branden Books (2003)
ISBN-13: 978-0828320740

Kindle Edition



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