Short Stories

Horror as David Bernard


““The Miskatonic University Bible Study Club.” 2022. Strangely Funny IX.

“The Stanglers are not the Forgiving Type.” Fall 2021. Pulp Adventures #41

“The Vampire in Winter.” 2021. Strangely Funny VIII.

“Silver Leaves and Moth Wings.” 2021. Wicked Creatures

“The Good Girl.” 2020. Strangely Funny VII

“Future: Imperfect, Tense.” 2019. Alternative Apocalypse

“The Wicked Big Monstah Ovah Bawstin.” Summer 2109. Pulp Adventures #32

“The Death Clock.” Spring 2019.  Pulp Adventures #31

“Papa’s Primo Deli.” 2019. Strangely Funny VI

“A Tale of Old California.” 2019. Wittier Than Thou

“The Frieze of Harley Ainsworth.” 2019. The Chromatic Court

“Christmas Lights on Benner Mountain.” 2018. O Unholy Night in Deathlehem

“Laguna del Espíritu Santo.” Summer 2018. Pulp Adventures #29

“Rites of Passage.” 2018. Strangely Funny V

“The Doom that Came to Al Capone.” Spring 2018. Pulp Adventures #28

“Christmas Moon.” 2017. The Shadow over Deathlehem

“Little Maiden of the Sea.” 2017. Twice Upon an Apocalypse

“Micro-brew.” 2017.  Strangely Funny IV

 “Death Clock.” 2017. Murder Among Friends

“Scooter’s Closet.” 2016.  Strangely Funny III

“The Crypt in Key West.” 2015. Legacy of the Reanimator

“Snowbound – with Zombies.” 2015. Snowbound – with Zombies

“The Wicked Big Monstah Ovah Bawstin.” 2014. Stomping Grounds

“Laguna Del Espíritu Santo.” 2014. History and Horror, Oh My!

“Goldy Luke and the Three Gators.” 2014. Strangely Funny II

“County Water.” 2013. Strangely Funny

“The Doom that Came to Al Capone.” 2012. Mortis Operandi



Mysteries as D.G. Critchley


“Gator Bait.” Mystery Magazine November 2021

“The Brass Menagerie.” 2021. Mardi Gras Mysteries.

“Trouble at Lunatic Lake.” 2020. Mid-Century Murders

“Skeleton on the Ski Lift.” 2019. Wittier Than Thou

“The Body in the Bookdrop.” 2018. Shhhh... Murder!

“Skeleton on the Ski Lift.” 2017. Murder Among Friends

“Death for Dessert.” 2017. The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Fifth Course of Chaos



Flash & Drabble as David Bernard


“Welcome to GothMart.” 2020. Shallow Waters 5

“Mixed Marriage.” 2019. Shallow Waters 4

“Effect & Cause.” 2018. Chronos

“Inspiration Point.” 2018. Drabbledark

“Autumn Leaves.” 2018. Drabbledark